Regulation over airports and aviation in the Philippines lies with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). The CAAP’s classification system, introduced in 2008, rationalizes the previous Air Transportation Office (ATO) system of airport classification, pursuant to the Philippine Transport Strategic Study and the 1992 Civil Aviation Master Plan.

In the current classification system all of the airports owned by the national government are placed into one of three main categories:

1. International airports are airports capable of handling international flights and have border control facilities. Airports in this category include airports that currently serve, or previously served, international destinations. There are currently 11 airports in this category.

2. Principal airports are airports which serve domestic destinations. This category is further subdivided into two types:

  • Class 1 principal airports are airports capable of serving jet aircraft with a capacity of at least 100 seats.
  • Class 2 principal airports are airports capable of serving propeller aircraft with a capacity of at least 19 seats.

3. Community airports are airports that are used primarily for general aviation.


*Privately owned aerodromes (airports, airstrips, airfields) are outside of the CAAP’s classification system.



Airport Name : Lucena Airport



General Area Served : Lucena

Location : Quezon

Municipality : Lucena City

Province : Quezon Province

Usage Classification : General aviation

Latitude and longitude coordinates : 13.5552, 121.3604


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