My relative sought immediate medical attention at the ER since she had been vomiting and having shortness of breath for quite some time. She is known to have cardiac and lung problems. As a frequent flyer in the ER because of my medical condition, i knew from the start that patients with breathing problems are the one being prioritized in that setting. My relative had to endure more than four hours of gasping for breath before any medical doctor could attend to her needs. Yes, there was the precious oxygen but still The presence of a doctor was badly needed. Staff said no doctor was available to see her at that time. So what is the emergency room for? That is why emergent cases are dealt with in that area. It was designed to cater to such. We were all very dismayed and frustrated. How come there was a lot of names displayed on the boards when nobody would even care to see a patient? Imagine if that was your relative. I am sure you would feel the same. Where is the urgency in the delivery of health services? Never again. Hope this reaches the ones concerned. What can we do right? They say “only in the Philippines…” but anybody can make a big difference if they would just think about the oath that they have sworn to before they started their career, and not the MONEY. Thank you.