I was a student in this school back then in 2019. I got enrolled in the Basic Education Curriculum at that time in JHS. I was at my seventh grade (1st year) and my experience in that school is somewhat good and as soon as I realize and got matured, I think this school needs improvements when it comes to the quality of education they have given to their students including their educators/teachers. I have this experience where their teachers just crossed the line with their students where they judge them negatively and make them believe that they do not belong there because they don’t know this lesson nor don’t have the capability instead of teaching them (because that is what teachers do.). Opinion: They should make a standard or some tests to their incoming students to make the school a better place to study because there were so many students that were enrolled in this school who did not take studying seriously, escaping classes, and even bully their classmates with regards to their genders, educational attainment in elementary, family backgrounds, and many more factors.
Some of their teachers sucks, trust me. Some of their teachers have the ability to understand, teach, respect, and motivate their students at the same time but some of them do not attain these important attitudes that a teacher needs (I wonder why such teachers get in this school). I think majority of the teachers here is unfair to students who’s family do not have such a high position/job attained; an example of this is my experience when this friend of mine (his mother is a teacher here.) and me enrolled here for the first time. Her mother and my mother were friends and we both submitted the enrollment form at the same time.. Guess what happened after? I got in the lower class than that friend of mine that got in the higher class even though he’s not good at academics when we were in our elementary days.
Will edit these after because I have many more to say…..